“Daemons were known as the messengers between deities and humanity. More than anything, it’s a protocol to put stakes less dependent on individual talent. The interconnected ideas, having the same thoughts at the same time in different places. These parallels that of course are more than easy to explain by having access to a digital river, and yet, even in total silence and distance, when we put pen to paper, in anything we draw there are centuries of longing instilled, that strangely doesn’t feel like ours.“

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Avala stands for the hidden possibilities of everything, otherworldly luxury made sustainable with 925 recycled silver and lab grown white sapphires.


Dystopian Renaissance

Dystopian Renaissance draws on the intersection of biology and technology to challenge ideas about body and materiality. Our first permanent collection emerged as a new, hybrid category of modern jewelry, bringing the concept of avant-garde adornment into everyday realities. Armor and adornment, designed and carefully handcrafted for your future selves.



Time isn’t a river it’s a jungle. The fondness of numbers contextualized by fluid, nature informed luxury designs. The collection is built upon a sinestesia to visulize the circadian rythm of creative process - mapping out the invisible anatomy of inner time. 

Secretly hoping to find symbols that are reprogrammings us to the very core. Forms that integrate anywhere across raves and red carpets with otherworldly beauty.. Transmutation leaps into the future of luxury fine jewelry through the unexpected balance of dissolved contradiction.


Yves x Daemon

A radical, yet gentle vision of beauty, centering on sharp silhouettes and delicate shapes, balanced out with perfect ergonomics. Chrysalis inspired by the textures of butterfly development stages from chrysalis to the monarch - a nuanced collaboration between Yves Tumor and Daemon Concept - switching code across metaphysical and biological stages. Weaving in the harsh elements of armor and blades, the jewelry doubles as a “self-protection essential” – “It’s a research into our preference to never lose fragility, even when fighting.”