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_Lacrimosa Micro_

_Lacrimosa Micro_

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" Lacrimosa Micro ” Vanillani X Daemon earpiece 

925 silver, 5mm high quality fresh water pearl with signature creole hinged closure. 

Lacrimosa came to life through the evolution of our coveted Summon earring, adding a fresh water pearl to its axis. Fully sustainable fine jewelry with a high tech finish.

The “ Lacrimosa “ name refers to tears  in Latin as pearls often refeared to as the tears of the nymphs.


*Sold as single

*Pre order design, please allow 3 weeks lead time for shipping 

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Daemon Concept

Deamon Concept is an artisanal jewellery brand created by Sophia Rotas, in its core value the silent enigma of trans-humanism that tackles emotional and biological development alongside technology. We design adornments for the celebration of freedom and unpredictability, the material aspirations of a fragile universe that are natural beyond nature, made to transcend the possibilities of our body.